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Pruning FastScripts Script List

edited May 2013 in FastScripts
Because I administer, I have a huge collection of scripts. As I write this, 108 folders in my Scripts Folder contain 4398 scripts (clearly needs a housecleaning).

FastScripts is admirably quick about cataloging them but I'd love some way to mark them or label them to exclude (or include, if you prefer) them from the FastScripts menu -- there are only 40 or 50 of them that I use all the time and some of those are embedded in Keyboard Maestro.

Is that a future possibility?


  • Hi there - it is something that I will consider for a future update, but as a rule FastScripts is so heavily based on "if it's in the folder, it's in the menu" that it would probably take some serious rethinking.

    I have been thinking that in the future it would make sense to offer an alternative means of managing scripts, that would be more manually organized (not based on the contents of a folder per se). I think in that future scenario you would be able to omit the whole Scripts folder by default and just have a hand-picked set of scripts to include in a specific FastScripts menu set.
  • That would do it nicely. I could prepare a new folder (FastMenu folder?) containing only aliases to the scripts and/or folders of collections of scripts I wanted to have appear in the menu, and I wouldn't have to move the originals from their hierarchy in the Scripts folder. A preference, defaulting to "Use the Scripts folder", would allow me to switch to "Use the FastMenu folder" instead.
  • When you put it this way, this is something that you could already achieve using a "secret" preference in FastScripts that lets you redefine the list of script folders that are included in the menu.

    Look at the very bottom of this page:

    You'll see the magic incantations for redefinining FastScripts's "ScriptTreePathsKey" default setting, which is a list of the folders it should show in the menu. By default it's ~/Library/Scripts and /Library/Scripts. You would probably achieve what you're looking for by redefining it to be e.g. ~/Library/FastScripts, and putting the aliases in as you suggested.
  • edited May 2013
    Bingo! Thanks, Daniel; that will do it nicely.

  • Accepted Answer
    By the way - sorry about the funky FSSP%%%$HOME$ junk in there, I am going to change that in the future to just accept "~" as it always should have.
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