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Image file size optimization?

edited May 2013 in MarsEdit
Hi there! I love how I can change the pixel dimensions of an image before uploading but is there a way to reduce the file size as well? (Generally, I'm dragging images from Web pages into MarsEdit's "New Post" window.) And if this feature isn't integrated into MarsEdit as it is in, say, Ecto, is there a convenient way to do this that doesn't interrupt the MarsEdit work flow? (Dragging the image into another tool and then into MarsEdit is a hassle.) Thank you!


  • Hi there - I don't think I'm familiar with the way ecto handles this. Does it let you e.g. re-create the image as a PNG with lower quality? Is that what you mean by optimizing for file size?
  • Hi Daniel! Thanks for the speedy reply. Here's a screenshot of what appears in Ecto's image uploader. You can select conversion to PNG or JPEG. It also has a slider for "quality" (compression).

    Several of us at Boing Boing (including me!) love MarsEdit, and this feature would be very helpful.
  • Ah - thanks for the screenshot, that really clarifies it. I will keep this feature idea in mind for the future but I think in the short term you will be stuck doing the image manipulations in another tool. I am sorry I don't have a better solution for you right now.
  • Hey Daniel! I noticed another weird thing. When I drag a JPG image directly from my browser into MarsEdit, it converts it to a PNG. But if I drag the JPG from my browser onto my desktop and then into MarsEdit, it leaves it as a JPG. The JPG--->PNG conversion is problematic because it dramatically increases the file size. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!
  • Hi pesco - yeah, there is something funky going on with drags direct from the browser. It seems that in this scenario the system "advertises" the data to MarsEdit in a way that makes MarsEdit think it's only available in a TIFF format (not suitable for web), so it tries to convert from that to PNG to make it useful for the web. I need to look into whether I can detect that a JPG is available and use that instead.
  • MarsEdit including ImageOptim? Awesome idea!
  • Interesting idea! It sounds like the kind of thing that would make a nice plugin for MarsEdit in the future, if MarsEdit supported plugins someday.

    As far as directly including ImageOptim in MarsEdit, it probably would not be possible because of licensing issues with the source code that ImageOptim is built from (GPL license would require me to also make MarsEdit into open source software).
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