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Adding Images to my posts - Formatting Clobbered

edited May 2013 in MarsEdit
I am trying out the trial version and am having problems with importing images into my posts. When I import an image, it seems to be applied over content below it. For example, I have some bulleted lists where I am trying to import an image and the image seems to be applied on top of the content below it. Is there a trick to adding images to posts? I was hoping this would make blog entries much easier but thus far it hasn't and I am missing my MS Writer program at the moment!


  • Hi there - sorry the image handling is not more intuititive. I'm not sure I completely understand what you mean when you say "on top of the content" ... do you mean it's literally appearing in the same part of the post as the content, or do you mean "on top" as in higher up the page (before) the content?

    Usually this kind of issue has to do with the underlying HTML that represents the post content, and how the new HTML for the image is interacting with it.

    It will help me to understand if you could come up with a set of steps for me to follow so I can see the same type of problem. For example "Open a new post, start a list, type 2 items, insert an image". Is it as simple as something like that? If so, can you tell me what "Style" is selected when you insert the image? It has a lot to do with how the image ends up getting placed in the post.

    Sorry this is a lot of questions for you and not a lot of answers, but having a better understanding of what you're seeing will help me figure out how to help you get around the issue. Thanks!

  • Daniel,

    I will do my best to describe what I am seeing.

    I am using rich text mode. I've tried to use headings 1 - 3 to structure my post. Under the headings I usually have content using the paragraph format. Under that I use number and bullet lists. This is usually where I add my images. Sometimes when I add larger images I need to hit "enter" a number of times to get the cursor viewable. Once I preview the post, the extra spaces are added to the post. If I don't add the spaces the images are placed immediately next to each other. What seemed to fix the issue, is if I switch to HTML edit mode and remove the extra

    tags and the post looks better. If I switch back to rich text mode, the content is then moved to the right and looks horrible. I will try and include a screenshot if that is possible with a link to my blog post. Thank you for your help. It may not be the program, just user error.
  • Here is a link to what the preview in Mars Edit looks like:

    And here is my blog post:

    I'd really like to find a good WYSIWYG blog editor for my Mac and hope this is the one.

  • edited May 2013 Accepted Answer
    Hi Eric - I think this is probably something that can be addressed by either picking a more suitable "Style" when inserting the image, or in the worst case scenario coming up with a custom Style for images that you insert in this way, to make sure they have the right markup around them.

    What "Style" is selected when you insert these images now? I am curious if you're not using "Unaligned" if switching to that would help. The behavior of needing to add spaces makes me think it's trying to left align the images to the left of the text, and you are wanting to be able to have the images stand alone.

    If Unaligned still doesn't work it might be necessary to add a custom style that wraps the image in explicit "<p>" and "</p>" so that they stand alone in their own paragraph within the list.

  • Daniel,

    Its been a while since I've worked with HTML so I'll have to do some experimentation. Thanks for the pointers though!

  • Let me know if you have any questions! By the way I screwed up the formatting in my reply before so the <p> tags were not showing. It should read a little better now.
  • Looks like that may be what I was doing wrong? I created a test blog with images and things looked better. I'll look through my last one. Thanks for the help! BTW, do you know if there is a way to continue a numbered list? Periodically the list will want to start a 1 if I make some formatting changes.

  • I'm not sure what's going on with the numbered list. It sounds like it's probably getting split up somehow into two lists. It would be ideal if you can keep your eyes open for specific steps to reproduce the bug e.g. so you could list steps starting with creating a new document in MarsEdit.

    The trick I would try to get it to "force" continuing would be to click back onto the highest number in the top list and try to press return from it again to see if that continues adding the numbers.
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