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why 1?

edited June 2013 in MarsEdit
Plesae see it:


  • Hi there - I'm not sure what's going on here. Is it only for this one post that nothing is showing up in the main window preview? Does it seem to be just the image not loading, or if you have text in there does that also fail to load?
  • if you have text in there does that also fail to load?
    No, nothing to load.
  • Thank you - I think there must be some issues with Sina and MarsEdit. Would you mind dropping me an email to so I can look into both this and the other issue with the date on the post? It will be easier for me to look into this and make sure I do everything possible to follow up if you "open a ticket" by emailing the support address. Thanks!
  • Thank you for bringing these problems with Sina to my attention and for sending the extra information by email. Unfortunately I discovered the source of the problem seems to be on Sina's end for each of the problems:

    1. When MarsEdit downloads the posts, you can look in Window -> Network Log to see the exact contents of what Sina is sending. Search for "description" on the contents to see lines like this:


    The part that says "" is where the entire content of the post should be. So for some reason Sina is returning only the titles of the posts and not the entire content.

    2. Then try to clear the network log and make a new post. You will see again that when the post comes back from Sina it has an incorrect date from 1970:


    So I think to get these issues addressed it will need some change on Sina's end. You might want to get in touch with their support team to see if they can offer any advice about this.

    Thanks again for sending the information,
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