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external editor - newbie questions

edited June 2013 in MarsEdit

I'm using MarsEdit for a some days now and I wonder, if there are any solutions for two of the issues I have right now:

1. When I select a post, the items of menu "post" are grey. Is there any shortcut to open a post with the assigned external editor?
2. When opening a post in MultiMarkdown composer MarsEdit did not recognize the save-file-and-exit from MultiMarkdown Composer. (TextWrangler works fine)

Thanks in advance


  • edited June 2013
    Hi Stefan -

    1. The External Editing menu item is located in the "File" menu. So you will find e.g. File -> Edit With MultiMarkdown Composer in the file menu.

    2. I wonder if something is going on With MultiMarkdown Composer. There have been some issues with apps that adopted Apple's new "Autosave" functionality. I'm going to take a look into this but it's possible, unfortunately, that MultiMarkdown Composer doesn't work as expected with MarsEdit as an external editor.

  • Hi Daniel,

    thanks for your response.

    Alt & Cmd & J works fine. Thanks!

    MarsEdit creates "" under /var/folders/... but after saving and exit (even quit MultiMarkdown Composer completely) MarsEdit is still saying "Editing with MultiMarkdown... Cancel Editing"
    Every modification is lost.

    Both MarsEdit and MultiMarkdown are the latest version from Mac AppStore.

    I really appreciate your help

  • Hi Stefan - I was in touch with the developer of MultiMarkdown Composer and he thinks that it might not be possible any longer to use apps such as his that are "Sandboxed" from MarsEdit. I'm going t look into this a bit more. He may be right: there are a number of limitations placed by Apple on sandboxed apps, but this is going to be the way most apps are goin in the future, because Apple is requiring it for Mac App Store apps. Hopefully we'll be able to find a workaround in the long run.
  • Hi Daniel.

    That's a bummer. But I'm glad that's not my mistake.

    I'm still hoping for a solution in the next time.

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