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Historical Posts (Question and/or Feature Request)

edited July 2013 in MarsEdit
I'm trying to maintain a local archive of all my blog posts in MarsEdit, in case I either want to edit them or refer back to them offline (and get my really old "drafts" that I may want to futz with!).

I told MarsEdit to get my most recent 1000 posts. Yes, I know this is an insane request from a server point of view, and not the sort of thing I want to be doing all the time. :)

It was successful in retrieving all the posts, and they all showed up in the window.

Then I edited my retrieval number down to 30, and refreshed again. All of the posts except the most recent 30 disappeared.

The question is, is there any way to prevent the old posts being cleared out of MarsEdit when I shrink the retrieval number?

If not, is that something you might consider adding in a future version?

Any input would be greatly appreciated - thanks for the awesome product!


  • Hi there - yeah, unfortunately this is a limitation of the current version of MarsEdit: whenever you refresh it will completely replace the visible list of posts with the number of posts you recently downloaded. This concession is necessary for a variety of technical reasons I won't go too deeply into :)

    But yes, this is something I want to overcome and hopefully eliminate in a future update. I completely understand how cool it would be to have the ability to access all posts in a blog. I think it's becoming more realistic for a number of blogs thanks to changing technical capabilities of servers.
  • Dear Daniel,

    I have a related (?) request. I would like to retrieve posts by post date. So, for example, I have a bunch of posts with historical dates between Jan. 1, 1550 and Jan. 1, 1705. I would like to be able to retrieve them in groups, say those between Jan. 1, 1550 and Jan. 1, 1575.

    Is such a feature possible? And if it is possible, is it feasible? And if both, could I lobby for it?

  • Hi Darin - unfortunately it's not possible currently with most blog systems's APIs (the interface MarsEdit uses to talk to the blog).
  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for clarifying. I feared there would be a barrier. Oh well.

  • Quick question about this: I have 845 posts, but setting the 'most recent posts' download to anything greater than 100 gives me a "Status code: 500" from the server ( I'm assuming there's not much to do about this, but if there is please let me know.
  • Hi notio - unfortunately there is probably not much to be done about this at the moment. MarsEdit relies upon a time-honored (reviled?) API method that requires it to ask for all the posts at once. WordPress has since added newer APIs that support more fine-grained access, and at some point I hope to switch to that API for more flexibility with this.

    In the mean time the only way to increase the number of posts you could download without getting the server error (basically it's 'crashing') would be to arrange for it to have more memory available in PHP. Depending upon what you are running, and what your server policies are for .htaccess overrides, you could possibly achieve this in one of a few ways:

    1. Decrease the number of plugins installed on WP (to reduce the amount of baseline RAM being used).
    2. Ask to raise your PHP memory limit.
    3. Raise the PHP memory limit yourself in a .htaccess directive:

    I think this is further complicated by the fact that WordPress itself imposes limits on how much PHP it uses. I don't have the information on the top of my head about that, but in short: there are lots of factors that could be affecting the memory limits on your PHP/WP installation, and increasing the head room would get you closer to the 845 posts, but probably wouldn't be enough for you to download all of them.
  • Ah, here we go. Notio - if you want to go deep on this subject you can read a LOT about it here:
  • Thanks for the followup. That's quite a thread over at I had forgotten about that whole XML-RPC thing from the '90s. I may play with this next week (or, it may fall off the map for yet another year). If I discover anything concrete I'll post back here. Appreciate the details for posterity.
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