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MarsEdit 3.6.1 (5664) hangs when posting

edited July 2013 in MarsEdit
Before upgrading to 3.6.1 all goes well: now MarsEdit hangs every time I send an article to my Wordpress blog. I have to force quit the application.
Any suggestions?


  • I'm sorry to hear about the change of behavior. To verify that the hang doesn't occur with 3.5.9 will you please download it and confirm?

    After confirming that the hang is new in 3.6.1, it will probably help to get a "sample" of MarsEdit:

    1. Reproduce the hang.
    2. Open Activity Monitor from /Applications/Utilities
    3. Find MarsEdit in the list and double-click it to open details.
    4. Click the "Sample" button in the lower left corner of the details window.

    This will help me understand where the app is hanging up.

  • Hi again - thank you for sending me the activity log, and for confirming that the hang also occurs with 3.5.9. It's a relief to know it isn't something new in MarsEdit, but I still want to figure out what's going on.

    The activity log suggests that MarsEdit may still be interactive, but the network connection to your blog just never finishes. Does that sound right? Are you able to e.g. select Window -> Network Log when you are hung-up in MarsEdit? If so, could you also copy and send me a copy of that Network Log content?

    I suspect something has changed on your server to chang the way it behaves when connecting with 3rd party clients like MarsEdit. Can you think of anything that might be new e.g. like a new WordPress plugin, or similar?

  • back2future got in touch with me privately and confirmed that the issue was based in a plugin he had installed "Lazy Pinner by Lee Thompson and Nick Westerlund." I'm not sure what the specific conflict is but if others run into this problem it might be worth looking at whether that plugin or another one might be the root cause.
  • Daniel,

    I confirm that was a plugin. I've disabled all my wordpress plugins, and I've activated one-by-one until the blogpost fail.

    And "Lazy Pinner" was the guilty!
  • Thank You Daniel for Your precious help
  • I'm glad I could help!
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