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Spacing All Messed Up When Pulling Content from WordPress

edited August 2013 in MarsEdit
I have a self-hosted site (using twentytwelve theme). When I pull draft posts from my WordPress to MarsEdit, MarsEdit removes all the spacing so that it's one big wall of text. Any ideas on how to fix this? I tried in both rich text and html -- same result.


  • Hi Tom - as a rule it's very unlikely that MarsEdit is removing the spacing. It's more likely that something on your blog (e.g. a plugin) is altering the content before MarsEdit gets a chance to see it.

    If you can capture the network log it might help me to understand the problem better. It will show if the text in the posts is coming from the server already "de-spaced."

    1. Open MarsEdit
    2. Select Window -> Network Log from the menu bar.
    3. Clear the log if it's not already empty.
    4. Try to refresh the blog again from MarsEdit.
    5. Copy the network log contents.

    It might be easier to email me the log at

  • I tried this but the problem persists. I'll email you the network log file. Thanks.
  • Thanks, Tom. I got your email and will follow up with you about it there. I will update this thread when we come to a conclusion, in case it helps others who are in a similar situation.
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