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Can't Login

edited August 2013 in MarsEdit
Just installed MarsEdit as a trial to see if it's what I'm looking for.

Installed fine but every time I try to publish a locally saved draft, a MarsEdit dialog box asked to login with username and password. No matter how many times I try to login, the box reappears with the password box empty, asking me to login.

First of all, I'm assuming they're asking me for the login information of my blog. But it doesn't matter. I've tried logging in with my blog username/password and with my MarsEdit username and password. Nothing works.

Thanks for any help you can give me!


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi there - it is definitely the blog username/password it is prompting for at this stage. By any chance is your blog either 1. Hosted with TypePad/MovableType, or 2. Protected behind an additional layer of password security?

    If it's a TypePad/MovableType blog, the password it needs is different from the one you usually use to log in. It's called the "Web Services Password."

    If neither of these seem to apply, I might need to peek at the network log to get more clues.

    1. Open MarsEdit
    2. Select Window -> Network Log from the menu bar.
    3. Clear the log if it's not already empty.
    4. Try to refresh the blog again from MarsEdit.
    5. Copy the network log contents.

    You might want to email me the log to instead of posting it here.

  • edited August 2013
    I'm embarrassed to admit this, but my error was not putting in my blog username/password. it's working fine now. thanks for the help!
  • Great to hear it!
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