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Does MarsEdit allow me to create/use page jumps?

edited September 2013 in MarsEdit
I am stumped.

Some of my longer posts require the use of page jumps. I edit the HTML code such that at the bottom of a post I enter the name attribute and a heading:

<a name=\"notes\"></a>

When I enter a quote or statement that needs a supporting citation I'll use something like this:

"should confront the client organization with these questions."
<a href=\"#notes\">1</a>

When I switch back to the RTF editor the line with the name attribute is stripped out (
<a name=\"notes\"></a>

What's the workaround for this?


  • edited September 2013
    Hi Bud - so far I haven't been able to reproduce this problem. I took the following code (changed the quotes to make it work better here in the forums):

    <p><a href='#notes'>1</a>
    <h4>Notes </h4>
    <p><a name='notes'></a></p>

    I copy/pasted that into the HTML Text editor, then switch to Rich Text, typed some other content in, and switched back to HTML Text. In my test it was all preserved. Can you try this very specific test to confirm that in your case the "name" attribute anchor is still being stripped in this scenario when you try it?

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