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copying and pasting from a word doc

edited September 2013 in MarsEdit
I tried to copy and paste some text from a word document and mars edit is copying the text as an image and uploading it as a pNG file which is uneditable?

Whats going on? ahi
y ideas


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Gavin - unfortunately copying and pasting from Word is not supported as well as I wish it were. The problem here stems from the fact that Word provides both an image and text on the pasteboard when you copy, and MarsEdit sees the image and thinks you are only trying to paste an image.

    The best workaround I know for now is to paste first into another app e.g. TextEdit on your Mac, then copy and paste again into MarsEdit.

    Generally speaking it's also a good idea to "Paste and Match Style" when you copy/paste into MarsEdit. You will lose any stylings from Word but it's going to be very hit-and-miss trying to preserve the Word stylings and also convert to HTML for MarsEdit in order to publish to your blog.

  • Daniel that is very disappointing.
  • Accepted Answer
    Sorry to disappoint you.
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