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Missing page in MarsEdit

edited September 2013 in MarsEdit
I have a page in my Wordpress blog which doesn't show up in MarsEdit. I've refreshed the blog in ME several times, I've reordered the list of pages, and I've searched for it, but it's not there. But it definitely exists, and I've just edited it in Wordpress to see if updating it forced MarsEdit to pull a new copy down, but still nothing. Any ideas?


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Tony - my guess is you have enough pages on your blog that the default maximum number of pages to download in MarsEdit (30, I think?) is not enough to capture them all.

    You can increase the limit to a number that will get all of your pages. In the future I'd like to be able to support automatically downoading all pages but right now there are performance issues surrounding that.

    To open the blog settings in MarsEdit, open the Main Window, and find your blog in the list on the left side of the window. Double-click the blog icon to open the settings window.

  • Yes, that's it! Thank you. I have 34 pages, which don't change much or often, so it's not a problem to increase the limit.

    Is there any way of being able to pull a specific page or post which is not included within the 30 most recent, or is it a question of updating anything older online (or taking the hit on performance by pulling a larger number of recent posts)?
  • Unfortunately for the time being to pull in a post or page you have to pull in the whole batch of "however many" is needed to grab it. I'll be looking at ways of improving this in the future.
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