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Feature request : edit/reveal a script via the keyboard

edited June 2006 in FastScripts
Firstly let me say thanks for FastScripts, it's a terrific timesaver. Keeping in with the whole keyboard loving power user vibe I'd like to suggest an (imho) improvement.

I'm often tweaking scripts, and it's a bit of a drag to dig through the menu to find the one I want. So: how about a special key that puts FastScripts into "edit script" mode? Hit the system-wide, user-defined trigger. FastScripts' icon changes colour to indicate that it's waiting for you to hit another key combo. Typing an assigned shortcut then opens the relevant script in its default editor. Time = saved! It's effectively like option-clicking the menu item, only without even having to open the menu. Another system wide trigger would let you reveal the script with its shortcut, as if you'd shift-clicked it in the menu. Typing an undefined shortcut or hitting escape returns FastScripts to normal mode.

No idea how difficult that would be to implement, but it'd be verrrry convenient for this script aficionado...



  • Hi Ian! Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by to make this suggestion.

    I think it's a really good idea. I could see finding this useful myself. What I'm afraid of is over-burdening the UI with too many options - but this might be worth it.

    I will mull it over for the next major update!

  • Good point! Perhaps an "advanced" tab, or hidden pref (like defaults write EnableCoolStuff 1) so that the extra options are only there for people that want them.

    Cheers - Ian
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