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Best way to pull published docs locally

edited October 2013 in MarsEdit
Hey Daniel - long time user and big fan of your product. Question - I have several years worth of blogs that are published on my website through ME. I would like to be able to pull them all back locally, pics and all, and store them. I don't really want to do a WP site backup.
Is there any capability within ME that would allow me to do this, or is this task better suited to a Word Press plugin?


  • Hi there - Unfortunately MarsEdit is not really suitable as a "whole blog" archiver or downloader right now. This is mostly due to limitations in most of the blog systems "API" through which MarsEdit communicates.

    In general I can't recommend using MarsEdit as an archival tool. I recommend getting in the habit of "exporting" from your blog of choice using whatever exporter or backup system they (hopefully!) provide. I'm considering archival-type functionality in the future, but some of this may depend on getting improvements made to the current "API" that the various systems offer.

    So yeah, I guess I would recommend either a plugin or the built-in export functionality in WordPress.

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