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A couple of suggestions for future versions

edited August 2007 in MarsEdit
I need to be able to send to PAGES rather than POST (in Wordpress). Any chance this will be addressed?

And I still find that I need to be able to create at least two different templates so why can't we save different ones? I have one layout for my writing and different one for other writers.

And awhile back I asked whether ME could show me the source and you replied that in the editor it is the source but surely it's sent to WP as an HTML file? The reason I'm asking this again is that my WP site accesses my other site which is all written in HTML and there are some archive sections with a lot of entries, so I've tried pasting the HTML code into ME and Wordpress and even stripped down to nothing but the text and the HREFs (the important bit), I have all kinds of problems with WP both when sending from ME and then editing as well as pasting the code directly into tinymce (script not responding error).

Another oddity that needs to be addressed is the SAVE option. If I create a draft and save it, then change the title it automatically saves a different version rather than overwriting the existing one. I suddenly realised that I had several copies of the same draft.

Wouldn't a simple SAVE AS be useful to avoid this?

Also, not sure if it's a bug but the view by date/title etc doesn't seem to work



  • What's being sent is a plain text as you can see in the RPC Console. But blog software like WordPress receives the text and tronsform to HTML to make a blog post. Converting is on the server-side. Not on local side (MarsEdit). MarsEdit doesn't have any special ability for conversion.

    For the same title duplicates, it's possible for one to use the same titles in blogs. So duplictes need to be allowed. The created date/time can be useful to find the right one. Though, a better option would be to have a spotlight-enhanced serach box.
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