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Will there ever be any real development for MarsEdit?

edited January 2014 in MarsEdit
It has been a very long time since there were any real improvements in the program and so much is needed. Are we ever going to see a Version 4?


  • edited January 2014
    I'm sorry to disappoint you with the pace of development. Rest assured that I have been working every day, probably too much every day, on future development of the app. From a user perspective it can be hard to appreciate that "real development" is going on. I don't know what else to say but future updates are in store.

  • That said - let me know specifically what your greatest priorities are, so I can be sure to keep those in mind while I'm planning for future updates. Thanks!

  • I'd love to see:

    - Tumblr audio and video posts.
    - Tumblr queue
    - Syncing between Macs (and hopefully iOS versions)
    - option to save drafts and posts in plain text. Ideally you could also add a plain text file to a chosen folder and MarsEdit would import it.
  • I'd like an option to make the default status of new posts be "Draft" and not "Published." My use case is like this:

    I often compose the text of my WordPress posts while on the go via a laptop, but before publishing I insert media, often in the form of galleries, which I can only do with WordPress. That means I need to send the post from MarsEdit to my WordPress installation for the final touches. If I forget to modify the status from "Published" to "Draft" before that, oops -- cat's out of the bag! Therefore a "Draft" default status, or the option to set the default status would be helpful.

  • Justin - thanks for the feedback. Most of your suggestions are all already on my TODO list. Hope to get to them ASAP.
  • Cliff - you're in luck because the feature you're looking for is already available. Just open the blog settings in MarsEdit and look under Editing -> Post Editor Defaults -> Post Status.
  • Just wanted to second Queue's posts but also add these:

    • Scheduled posts
    • Activate the tumblr 'send to twitter' & 'send to facebook'
    • Multiple photo (or gallery) posts to tumblr
    • Audio posts (least priority on my list)

    Finally: I love what you're doing with marsedit and it's been an amazing help I run about a dozen blogs on tumblr and wordpress and Marsedit has been so useful to the point that I recommend it to clients.

    -Sam Proof
  • Thanks, Sam! I have all your items on my TODO list. Only a matter of time, which can unfortunately sometimes be a bit longer than any of us would like. Thanks for your patience and I'm glad to hear you enjoy using the app.
  • Daniel thanks for all your hard work on this. I admit I was am Ecto junkie but it seems that will never be updated, and I'm guessing when I update to Mavericks it won't even work, as many functions are falling down.

    That said, the elements of Ecto that I would love the most in MarsEdit are these:

    --making thumbnail images
    -- uploading more than one image at a time
    --and the much requested setting Featured Image

    I'm sure there are more, but I know how time consuming this all is.
  • Thanks comixace! I appreciate your perspective about the value of MarsEdit continuing to be developed, even if it's sometimes slower than everybody wishes.

    I'm curious though, you implied that Ecto supported setting a Featured Image. Did it? It seems like it hasn't been updated since before Featured Images on WP even existed. Maybe that's something you just want in MarsEdit independently of whether Ecto could do it or not?

  • edited March 2014
    Hi Daniel

    Can I add a few more suggestions? (i suspect all or most of these will be on your Todo list - or on the list of things you've considered).

    Support for regular expressions in the Find/Replace facility would be very useful.

    It would be useful if the link macro also supported the title attribute (eg copy the highlighted text to a title field and make it editable in the dialogue). Maybe also a checkbox for 'open in new window' if people want to do that?

    Is there any way to reproduce the functionality of the WordPress Better Internal Link Search plugin to make it easier and quicker to make internal links in MarsEdit?

    It would also be useful to search on the title of the post or only.

    And my final other thing: I mainly use static pages for my site - which means that I may be working on pages that were originally published some time ago. Would it be possible to have an option to refresh the most recently-modified pages? (I know that there is a workaround for this in that I can set the preferences to refresh everything but this does mean that refreshing takes longer).
  • Hi Andy - thanks for the suggestions. Some of these are indeed on my TODO list. I am not familiar with the "Better Internal Link Search" plugin so I'll take a look at that. I do have it on my list to try to come up with ways to make MarsEdit better at suggesting link completions, which I think would naturally include linking to previous entries.

    I am considering solutions for the "Refresh" process that might make it better for e.g. only updating pages while you open them to edit them, etc. This might be a nice balance between refreshing everything and only refreshing recently updated items.
  • I love Mars Edit and use it every day. I would echo the default to "draft" could be nice but the one I additional feature I would love to see is an outbox. I often work in a truly offline mode, I then save as a local draft but it would be nice to be able to hit the "Send to Blog" button and for there to be a place the post can sit and wait for an internet connection then batch send once a connection returns. Probably not a big deal for most but I can end up with 5 or more posts that I have to remember to pull from local drafts and get to their various homes on different blogs. Just an idea for your growing list..
  • Christopher - I don't know if you noticed my reply to Cliff but there is already support for defaulting to "Draft". Just open the blog settings in MarsEdit and look under Editing -> Post Editor Defaults -> Post Status.

    The Outbox idea makes sense, I can definitely see that being useful. Thanks!
  • MarsEdit is a great product. I look forward to the update that makes it possible to post multiple images in Tumblr. To be truly useful it would also have to allow grid (re-) arrangement of the images as per Tumblr's own web interface. I hope this is all doable!
  • Hi ariehoeflak - thanks for the feedback! The option to post multiple images to Tumblr is on my TODO list. I'm not sure about the grid arrangement, I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the tip though - it's good to know what folks would find valuable.
  • Sorry for the delay in responding but I thought I was subscribed to this post by email.

    In any case,

    1) I wrote "real improvements" not "real development" meaning a truly new version. I did not mean to suggest there was no development happening.

    2) My biggest wish is for an improved search facility. That is, I need to be specify filters such as "search in headline" or search only in specified categories. Also, some kind of boolean search capability would be fantastic. I have thousands of posts and need more sophisticated searching tools.

    Again, I did not mean to insult the development process. It is because I depend so much on this program that I was hoping for faster development.
  • Thanks sgmiller for chiming back in and clarifying your previous feedback. I agree improvements to search would be quite welcome.
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