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Wordpress Markdown support kinda hosed

edited January 2014 in MarsEdit
Not really a MarsEdit problem, but wanted to post here to let folks know what's going on if they're having problems like I was with Hosted Wordpress Markdown support and MarsEdit.

I wrote up what the issue was here: but the TL;DR version is:

If you're trying to use MarsEdit to create Markdown documents on Hosted Wordpress, and you want to include code, and that code includes less than, greater than, or ampersand, you need to read the workaround I posted - it involves using pre tags with class="brush" and search replace on those special characters. Ugh.

I'm loathe to move off of Wordpress, but I am starting to consider it.


  • Oh, that's a real shame. Thanks for letting me know. I'm going to pass your feedback along to somebody I am in touch with at
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