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Fastscript Bug?

edited July 2006 in FastScripts
Hi Daniel,

By mistake I left a script in debug format (I am using Script debugger) and when I tried to run it it simply crash Fastscript. Would it be possible to have the script run in debug mode anyway? or at the very least warn me that it cannot effectively run the selected script...


Michel Lemieux


  • Hi Michel! I think this must be a bug in FastScripts. The debug format used by Script Debugger involves using a different OSA type, but I recently modified FastScripts to work with whatever OSA (I thought!). I will try to reproduce this and see if I can track down a fix.

    In the meantime ... don't leave them as debug format... :(
  • One more thing: if it's possible for you to easily crash FastScripts again, could you send me the crash log that appears in the crash reporter dialog?

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