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Feature Requests From A Newbie...

edited January 2014 in MarsEdit
I have been using MarsEdit on my mac for blogging over the past months my main challenge as a blogger (which I think many share) is capturing ideas for posts … and it would be awesome to see MarsEdit help here, so a few requests please:-

1. Any chance of having some functionality to allow the storing of blogging ideas, so some kind of basic notepad in the MarsEdit client … or integration with some other tool already available ?
2. Any chance of integration with cloud storage solutions like iCloud, Dropbox etc, such that notes and/or draft posts can be stored using a text editor and seen in MarsEdit ?
3. A tool to help with planning blog entries - some kind of cork board / story board

Thanks :-)


  • Hi there - these are all great ideas and correspond with some of my own ideas I've had about similar planning type stuff.

    Currently I just overuse the "Drafts" section of MarsEdit for these purposes but of course it doesn't offer any syncing/etc. It seems to me that a "Notes" type section that is based on plain text would be a good way to offer up syncing potential to e.g. Dropbox and iOS apps, and perhaps other organizational tricks could be added in to that over time.

    I'll be considering something like this strongly for a future update. Thanks again!

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