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Error "-1743" when running Applescript from FastScripts

edited February 2014 in FastScripts
Hi all!

I don't do a lot of scripting, but every now & then I end up delving deeply into an automated solution for something that I then trigger with FastScripts (v2.6.5).

My specific issue is that one of my Address (excuse me) scripts now fails with an error when triggering it from FastScripts. The error is, "Error Number:Contacts got an error: An error of type -1743 has occurred. -1743" popping up in a dialog box titled "Scripting Error" with buttons to "Edit Script" or "Close". No errors (that I can see) appear in

However, when I "Edit Script" and run the script from the open editing window, the script runs as expected.

This behavior certainly started after the upgrade to Mavericks (10.9) (and may have been present in Mountain Lion (10.8) as well--I can't remember).

I can't seem to find what error -1743 is, and I'm not certain if it's FastScripts throwing the error dialog box or if it's a system error dialog box.




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    Hi Brad - thanks for bringing this to my attention. I found this discussion at Apple's site that seems to cover a similar situation:

    It sounds like it's a problem where FastScripts (as the runner of the script) is not authorized to access the Contacts. If you take a look in System Preferences under Security & Privacy -> Contacts, you should find FastScripts in the list. After you check it to allow access, I think the script will run as expected.

    I should consider adding a special case to FastScripts to detect this error and remind users to approve access to Contacts.
  • Bingo. I found a similar discussion after googling around quite a bit on Apple's developer mailing lists. Sure enough, I had not allowed FastScripts access to my contacts in the Privacy prefpane.

    It does seem a little counter-intuitive to me that the script launcher (FastScripts) would need access to the contacts instead of the script itself, but I guess that's the way it is right now! :-)

    Thanks for the confirmation!
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