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Newbie-Flickr photos not showing up

edited February 2014 in MarsEdit
So far, I looove the software except that it is not showing my Flickr photos. Any solutions? I'm in the trial period.


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Lisa - glad to hear you are enjoying the app! We'll get to the bottom of the issue with Flickr. Can you tell me what does happen when you try to authenticate with Flickr? Does it take you to Flickr as expected, and after you approve at Flickr it just doesn't switch back to MarsEdit? Or does it switch back to MarsEdit but the Flickr section is empty?
  • It let me hook up with Flickr with no problem. If I hit preview, the picture shows up. Could it be something in my WordPress theme?

    I don't mind uploading the images from my computer but the app is only showing 2 folders: (iPhoto is one) and they're showing them as empty. I'm not sure where to click in order to see them. Can you help?
  • I'm going to email you a screen shot.
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