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Defaults in ME

edited August 2007 in MarsEdit
When I upload a post (to Wordpress), the default status of the article is published but I would like to be able to select the status of the essay eg select private or draft as default options.



  • This is an often requested feature but up to now it hasn't been implemented mainly because WordPress doesn't allow you to fetch those articles back once they've been sent.

    I can see how it would be handy to just send things up as drafts, but if you can't grab them again with MarsEdit I think the user experience would be too poor overall.

    I'm hoping we'll eventually get full access to managing posts of all varieties through the remote editor API.
  • okay. The main reason I need it is that I don't like writing online, I prefer working in an offline editor of some kind (which is why I chose ME).

    I think I understand about fetching back, in other words if the status of the piece anything other than published, ME can't download it?
  • Yep exactly. So you can see how the overall experience would be frustrating, even if it would be occasionally convenient.
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