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I guess I AM a dummy!

edited August 2007 in MarsEdit
Ah frustration.... Very excited to use MarsEdit with NetNewsWire for my Wordpress blogs, but here's the error message I get when I hit 'send to Webblog':

"Can’t do post for iphone third party apps because the server reported an errorThe XML parser could not parse the data.: XML-RPC Response Parsing Failed."

Ok, did a search and found that apparently my xmlrpc.php file had to read as follows. When I went to fix the code though, I found that my code already reads as follows (this blog is brand new and uses the most recent version of Wordpress):

/ A bug in PHP < 5.2.2 makes $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA not set by default,
// but we can do it ourself.
if ( !isset( $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA ) ) {
$HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA = file_get_contents( 'php://input' );

# fix for mozBlog and other cases where '<?xml' isn't on the very first line
if ( isset($HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA) )


I don't know what to do, and if I can get help fixing this I will be buying MarsEdit as looks like it will help make posting news items to my blogs very simple. Thank you very much. ---Tom


  • Hi Tom - I have seen some problems lately with Wordpress and accented characters. Do you think your blog might be falling victim to this problem? If it's not private, can you tell us the URL of the blog so I can take a look?
  • Sure Daniel, and thank you very much for the quick response. This is happening with 2 blogs:

    I should tell you I'm not a programmer, so who knows, you may find something obvious. Thanks a lot again Daniel!---Tom
  • I think I see what's going on - there's some extra junk at the end of the response from your server, when MarsEdit tries to talk to it. This is causing the "parser error" because it doesn't expect to find that extra garbage.

    It looks like it might be related to the ads wrapper from GoDaddy that is surrounding your page. If I had to guess I would say that they are being a little too aggressive in the software that puts the ads on the page, and trying to do it with the response to MarsEdit, too. This is the extra garbage that is getting tacked on:

    </object></layer></span></div></table></body></html><!-- adsok -->
    <script language='javascript' src=''></script>

    It might be possible to make MarsEdit more lenient about garbage like this showing up at the end, but it would be best if the site was fixed so it didn't include this garbage in the XML response. I would recommend getting in touch with them to see if they can fix it for you.

    Once the garbage is removed from the responses, then it looks like MarsEdit should be able to parse the responses fine.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thank you very much Daniel-- if I understand you, the 'the ads wrapper from GoDaddy' is what they put on the top of my pages since they are still hosting them for free for me. I wonder if this problem will go away if I pay GoDaddy for hosting for these blogs, which I intended to do anyway. I'll do that now and let you know if that fixes things.
    BTW so the 'garbage' code you sent me is not anything I can get rid of, ie contained in my files for the site, is that right?
    Thanks again.---Tom
  • That's what it looks like, Tom. I expect if you do pay for the pages then the problem will go away. If you keep it free with the ads, the "garbage" is what I would recommend asking GoDaddy to get rid of for you.
  • Ah that felt really good! Hosting the pages myself now, posted no problem, you were right Daniel. Thanks.---Tom
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