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Paragraph switches to div after bulleted list

edited March 2014 in MarsEdit
Hi Red Sweater / Daniel,

I am using MarsEdit 3.6.3. I noticed something unexpected in rich text mode, and in raw html mode (shift-command-t) I can see what is happening. I'm typing a post for a WordPress site.

1. Type a paragraph. It gets p tags as expected.
2. Choose format / list / insert bulleted list. Type your bullet items.
3. Hit return twice to exit list mode and return to paragraph mode (or so I would hope).

At this point, instead of continuing with p tags for the paragraphs, we are now enclosing the paragraphs in div tags. I noticed this because div leaves no space between paragraphs but p does leave vertical space between paragraph. Or at least this is how it appears to me inside MarsEdit rich text mode.

Whenever I notice this, I just flip over to raw html mode, change the div and /div to p and /p, and all is well. Hit return to start a new paragraph, and indeed it does start with the p tag.

MarsEdit is such a great Mac tool that I figured you'd want to know about this minor edge case. Thanks for the great software!
Ed Barnard, Cannon Falls Minnesota


  • Hi Ed - thanks so much for letting me know about this! But when I just tested on my Mac I was not able to reproduce the problem. I made a new post, typed a new paragraph, inserted a bullet list, added a few items, pressed return twice, and then added a new paragraph afterward. When I switched to HTML text format the "afterward" paragraph was surrounded by P tags and not DIV.

    Do you think you can try to reduce the test case you're seeing to a specific, very small list of steps that starts from creating a new post? For example if you just type "A " then insert a bulleted list and type "B " and then "C " do you end up with a div tag after switching to HTML Text mode?

  • Thanks for the quick response Daniel. Now that I am TRYING to reproduce it I'm not seeing it either. I did a bunch of posts yesterday, carefully avoiding the issue by doing double return, up arrow, insert bullet list. The double return leaves me with a blank paragraph below the list.

    Today I'll watch myself and see if I can hit the problem. If so I'll let you know! There's undoubtedly some other factor at play, possibly "paste and match style."
  • Okay, I can reproduce it. I'll show the result first as raw html, then give the steps taken.

    **begin result**
    <li>step one</li>
    <li>step two</li>
    <div>New paragraph after double return</div>
    <p>Bottom paragraph</p>
    **end result**

    Steps to reproduce:

    Click New Post. This is set up as a non-split post.

    Click the category checkbox.

    Type the title.

    Start typing in the body: Type a word. This is a paragraph.

    Type a second paragraph.

    With mouse, move cursor to end of first paragraph.

    Hit return, starting a new paragraph.

    Choose format menu / list / insert numbered list.

    Type list item one, hit return.

    Type list item two, hit return twice.

    Continue typing. This should be a new paragraph below the ordered list and above the original second paragraph.

    Type command-shift-t to look at the raw html. The paragraph after the ordered list is enclosed in div tags.

    **end steps to reproduce
    Okay, I just got it to happen doing the above! Hopefully it reproduces for yourself as well!
    Best Regards,
    Ed Barnard
  • Hi Ed - thanks! I logged the bug in my system and will give it a good test soon to see if I can reproduce it. I really appreciate your taking the time to figure out the specific steps to make it happen.
  • Thanks again Daniel :)
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