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Copy Post?

edited April 2014 in MarsEdit
I must be missing something very obvious, but how do you take a post from a week ago, copy it, edit it, and then save it as a new post? I can't find COPY POST or DUPLICATE POST or anything like that. Thanks!


  • Hi Jeff - I'm afraid you aren't missing anything. MarsEdit doesn't have any feature for specifically copying a post or using an existing post as a template for a new post. The best I can suggest is to manually open the older post and copy/paste the parts of it that you want into a new post.

    In the future I would like to support something along the lines of templates or "stationery" for commonly used post styles.
  • I came here searching for templates, so let me just add my vote for them (or is there better way of providing such feedback?)
    They would simplify my regular stuff a lot.

  • Hi kroepke - this is a fine place to offer the feedback. I tend to check here a little less often than email, but I end up seeing it all :) Thanks for the vote of interest.
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