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Paste with HTML formatting intact.

edited April 2014 in MarsEdit
I'm attempting to copy some text from an existing webpage, text with embedded links. Then I want to use this as part of a new discussion. When I copy from Chrome and paste into MS Word, the HTML formatting is there. (Blue words, underlined, with associated link intact). When I paste into MarsEdit, I can't get the formatting to stick. It's just regular text. And I've tried all three paste options. Paste - Paste and Match Style - Paste HTML Source.

Tell me this can be done. Please.


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi there - unfortunately pasting with style is notoriously error-prone, even in the best circumstances. However, if you're pasting from HTML in Chrome it seems like it would at least be passably good. In your version of Chrome, if you right-click on the text selection in Chrome does it give you an "Inspect Element" option? If so you could try that, and then select the corresponding selection from the inspector's "node tree" and right click it to get an option to "Copy HTML". Then you could finally try pasting as HTML source into MarsEdit.

    Not as effortless as I'd like to be but sometimes you have to dumb things down to get the app you're copying from and the app you're pasting into (MarsEdit in this case) to deal on the same terms.
  • Yep, definitely not optimal. Everything needs to be reformatted (font, size, etc). But if that's the only way...

    There wouldn't happen to be a one-click auto format function built in, would there?
  • Hi again - I don't think there is a "one-click auto format" function but I am not sure exactly what you mean by that so can you please clarify? What would the auto-formatting feature do to the selected text?
  • Something like, in preferences you would set a default font, default size. Then when you paste something in and it doesn't match what's set in preferences, you can select the offending text and select "format as default." Something like that.

    Instead of bringing up the fonts panel, going through the fonts, selecting the size, etc.
  • I see - thanks for clarifying! In general I think it's a better approach to not format things into default sizes in MarsEdit. If you leave things without a specific font or size, it's much more flexible in the future to change the style on your blog. Generally speaking the defaults for fonts and sizes should be set in the blog "theme" and you should only use MarsEdit to make exceptional changes where you want a specific font or font size for some unusual reason.
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