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Categories vs. Tags

edited April 2014 in MarsEdit
I seem to remember from a while back that Wordpress uses both categories and tags. I don't do much work in Wordpress now; I do most of my work in Blogger, where there are only "Labels." Which I guess in MarsEdit associates to "Category." But I'm running into a big problem with this.

Right now, after about three weeks of my new Blogger blog, I have over 100 Labels/Categories. And that's likely to get a lot larger. Scrolling down a list and checking little boxes is a definite waste of time and may likely use up as much time as I might save should I go to MarsEdit full time. Is there a better way to do this within MarsEdit?

I do know that I can do everything in MarsEdit except the labeling, upload it as a draft, then label it in the blogger interface which is much easier to do then clicking little boxes. But it would be nice if this could all be done in one place.


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi there - yes, unfortunately MarsEdit treats the labels on Blogger as "Categories." I think ideally in the future I would offer a preference to let users choose how to treat them, but for now we're stuck with the current behavior.

    Another change I've wanted to make for a while that would help a bit would be auto-completing categories in the "Add" field. At least it would make it a little easier to dig through them.
  • I thought so, but just wanted to confirm. I guess you can file that under "feature request."
  • Yep! Consider it filed.
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