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from being added in Wordpress 2.2

edited August 2007 in MarsEdit
Hi, I like to add a blank line between paragraphs when writing posts in MarsEdit. I do this by just pressing the 'Return' key which enters a linefeed. However, this translates into a
tag when the post is viewed in Wordpress. Combined with the normal paragraph tags setup by Wordpress, this leads to a much larger spacing between paragraphs

Now, if I do the same thing in Windows Live Writer (press Return and create a blank line between paragraphs), this does not lead to posts with extraneous

Any suggestions ?

Regards, Yusuf


  • Hi - the distinction between MarsEdit and Windows Live Writer in this case is that MarsEdit doesn't try to generate HTML itself (only includes HTML if you put it in manually). It just sends the text to WordPress and lets it turn it into HTML however it chooses.

    However, when I use blank lines between paragraphs on my Wordpress blog, I do not get the
    tags you describe. I only get the
    tags if I use a SINGLE newline. If you are getting different behavior, I wonder if you have a plugin installed that is causing this to happen?

    Can you show me an example of a post that has the problem, and also paste exactly what you sent to it? For instance:

    Test one.

    Test two.

    Test three.

    On my test Wordpress blog, this produces the desired HTML and appearance:
  • Daniel, you are correct. it was a plugin causing this grief. Will try to figure out how to fix the plugin

    Sorry to delay you in releasing MarsEdit 2 :)
  • Good to hear! Thanks for the update.
  • I was searching the discussion for a way to do the opposite- when I press return I don't get a break so have to enter them manually; am I missing something?
  • Michael: this is also something that is highly dependent on the particular blog server. Many blog servers will interpret "two returns" in a row as a new paragraph, but otherwise they tend to treat just a plain return as "white space" that gets merged together like in all HTML.

    It might help to set up a custom shortcut for the "Line Break" item in the Markup menu. For instance, I set up "Cmd-Return" so I can easily get in the habit of typing that when I need one.
  • perfect, thanks.
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