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Shortcuts not working?

edited August 2007 in MarsEdit
I added a shortcut to a custom tag (shift-command-L) and when I press that key combination, I just get a beep.

Any ideas?



  • It sounds like the shortcut you're trying to use is already in use by another application on the system. MarsEdit currently is able to detect when you try to use a shortcut that is already being used in MarsEdit, but it doesn't detect when some other application is using this shortcut.

    I'd bet that it's Safari's "Search With Google" system service (see the MarsEdit -> Services menu). If you select some text in MarsEdit and then hit the shortcut, it opens up in Safari, right?

    You'll either have to choose another shortcut or else disable that service shortcut. There is a shareware application called Service Scrubber that I like for customizing services:
  • I didn't realize the shortcuts were SYSTEM wide!

    I have Service Scrubber and I don't use any services, so this should be a simple fix.

  • The MarsEdit shortcuts are *not* system wide, but the Services shortcuts are, so they are overriding the MarsEdit shorcuts, so to speak.
  • Ah, I see.

    BTW, you were right, that is what was happening.
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