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How to Show the Version of FastScripts

edited May 2014 in FastScripts
How do I show the version of FastScripts? I may need to upgrade.



  • From the FastScripts menu bar icon select FastScripts -> About. Or from the Finder select the application icon and then choose File -> Get Info in the Finder to see the version among other details. The current release is 2.6.5 and can be downloaded here:
  • The FastScripts file was in my downloads folder, so I moved it to my Applications folder.

    Before doing that, I was able to see the version with the steps below.

    Open the AppleScript editor, choose "File", "Open Dictionary", scroll down the list and it does show that FastScripts is version 2.6.5

    I'll try to include a screen-shot of my FastScripts Menu.

    Daniel, btw I love your Core Intuition Podcast with Manton Reece



  • Hi Verbal - thanks for listening to Core Intuition! I got your screenshot via email and replied there, but for the benefit of others who are curious, it looks like the confusion here was that Verbal was seeing Apple's script menu icon in the menu bar, and not FastScripts. They are very similar but FastScripts has a small lightning-bolt style mark in the middle of the scroll.
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