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Password Complexity when posting!

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Hi there,

I use a fairly complex password thats generated through a password manager. I am unable to send updates to my blog (wordpress) with this password. I verified that I could log in with the password.

I have changed the password already, so no worries... Here is the password that would not allow me to post:


After I changed the password to something simpler, the post went through straight away. The password was used to pull the contents of the blog without issue, and it seemed to only affect posting, returning only an "invalid password" error (which I verified was not the case.)



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    Update: Some special character is throwing it off! I'm trying to sort which one....

    So far, whitespace, underscores and dashes are valid / working.
  • Accepted Answer
    Thanks for letting me know about this. I just took your password literally and changed my password on a test WordPress blog to match it, and it worked OK for me here. That makes me think it's probably a subtle issue on your server. Maybe something to do with the specific plugins you have installed, or something else? I wonder if you could try making a free blog at and use the same password for the account there to test whether it also has problems. I'll be curious to hear if you get to the bottom of which character specifically might have been an issue.
  • Hmm. works with that password. I suppose I'll retract the old bug report then. I wonder whats wrong with my normal server!
  • Maybe just chalk it up to mysteries of various web hosts :) But if you are interested in getting to the bottom of it let me know and I'll help however I can.
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