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edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
A quick question:

Can MarsEdit add a site to my blogroll [using Wordpress]? I thought I saw this feature someplace in the application but don't see it, neither in the Help, or on this discussion board.


And, a comment:
I am using the program under the trial period. At first, I thought to myself: "$25? you have to be kidding me! All I have to do is use the WordPress Dashboard!"

But I quickly found out that ME is just the bee's knees, making posting much less of a trial and much more of what it should be- fast, simple. Sure, the image handling could be improved, but I really like this program [was directed to it by].


  • Hi Michael - you probably noticed that "Blogroll" shows up as a category in MarsEdit. This is a peculiarity of the way Wordpress handles its blogroll.

    For the moment you can't edit the blogroll using MarsEdit, but I believe WordPress developers are working on adding support for this as we ... type :) Once the support is available through WordPress, it will definitely be on my TODO list to get it working from MarsEdit.

    I'm glad you're seeing the reasons why MarsEdit is worth the money. If you are strongly considering buying, I encourage you to do so within the next couple days, because it will qualify you for a free upgrade to 2.0 when it comes out.
  • Thanks, and thanks for the buying advice; I just bought it. I see there is mention of a v2 coming, but I wonder if you have posted the change log yet? or is this too early?

  • I have only posted some teasers on my blog. I don't plan to post officially what is in the release until the day it is released, which should be *really soon now* :)

    Thanks for buying!

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