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How do I connect MarsEdit to my existing WP website?

edited May 2014 in MarsEdit
Hi there,

I installed MarsEdit and starting the program I chose te option that I already have a blog.
This is a blog on the Wordpress installation that I have installed at a hosting service. I have Wordpress version 3.9.1

When I choose the auto detect it says:
MarsEdit was not able to auto-detect your blog settings.
Would you like to edit the settings for this blog?

At the settings page I choose tab General:
Choose: Auto-Detect Settings from URL and then it says:
Auto-detect Settings Failed
Could not determine blog configuration from web page content.

What do I have to do to get this working on my own website running Wordpress?

BTW I tried it on 2 different sites I own at 2 different hosting services.

Thanks in advance,
Redouan Jacobs


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Redouan - it's possible the theme you are using on your blogs is hiding the autoconfiguration information that MarsEdit depends upon. You should be able to configure WordPress manually, but you'll need to figure out or guess the "API Endpoint URL" setting. fortunately this is usually easy to guess for a WordPress blog, it's usually just:


    So if your blog's URL was, it would be:

    To fix the settings up in MarsEdit:

    1. Select the blog in MarsEdit, then select Blog -> Edit Settings… from the menu bar.
    2. Click the "General" tab and make sure the settings match these:

    System Name: WordPress
    System API: WordPress API
    API Endpoint URL: [Your API Endpoint URL]
    Blog ID: 1

    I believe if you make these settings changes, click OK, and then "Refresh" the blog then it will work as expected. Let me know how this goes!

  • Thanks for your quick reponse Daniel.

    Simple solution, I did put the API Endpoint url in the box for the homepage url instead of the box for the API Endpoint URL.
    Everything is simple, when you know it ;-)

    Tested it for 15 minutes and it's great! Love how it automatically gets my posts and pages from the website and how easy it is to change them in MarsEdit without having to go to the site. This is a true timesaver and I'm going to delete the 30 day version and will buy it in the App store.

    Greetings form Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Accepted Answer
    Glad to hear it and I am also glad things are going well so far now that you're set up. Bear in mind that MarsEdit will download the latest posts from your site but it only does so when you click "Refresh" - and in that case it always resets the list of posts based on the number of posts you have configured it to download. In the future I hope to make this all a bit more automated.
  • Thanks for the tip!
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