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raising my hits

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
Forgive me if this isn't the right place to post this question; I figured that people using this software are likely as not serious about blogging, and I need help from some serious people.


When I started my blog, about 6 months ago, I knew that it would take me many months to find a focus and develop a voice, and I am happy to say that this is developing nicely, and that a few more months will find me, finally, in the groove.

But nobody is reading it.

Now, this might be because it sucks. And it also might be that I am doing nothing to help the web search and find me. Which is true and it is true because I don't have a clue how to bring my blog into the blogosphere mainstream. I know people do keywords, which I do on my office web site, but I also know that people do 'technorati' and 'tags' and god knows what else [and she ain't tellin'].

Yes, I've searched and looked around, but I wonder what others have done to increase blog exposure? what am I not doing that I need to do?


Michael Spencer
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  • In my experience the single most important thing you can do is write comments (thoughtful ones!) on other peoples' blogs whose readers you think would also like your blog, if they knew about it.

    When somebody reads something smart you wrote on another blog, they'll be interested enough to click through to your blog and see what you are all about.
  • I agree. Blogging is a way of communication. Not one-way, but two-way.
  • edited September 2007
    The comments is a good suggestion. The fact that you have a sig file with your blog is good too.

    I would offer up a couple more suggestions/questions.

    When you for a relationship with the comments, you might ask them to add you to their blogroll --- and add them to yours.

    Do you put Technorati tags in your posts? There are other tags, but I don't much about them. I do know when ever I add tags to my posts it increases visits --- though not necessarily readership, since people don't always stay to read. You can add these with MarsEdit. I would suggest look at the Techorati site and look at what people are putting on their sites. Do a google search on tags, wikipedia has an entry there

    And another question would be what you want out of the readership?

    Another source would go to some of the social networking websites and contribute there. I am not so confident in that one. For example on people post a lot, but I don't think they leave the site much to look at people's blogs...but it is a thought
  • If you write well they will come. just keep writing, and being active in the relevant online community and the people will come.
  • Just remembered something --- after looking at 2.0 --- do you have your pings set?

    look under settings --- pings
  • The pings feature in MarsEdit can be very helpful, but a lot of blog server software these days does the ping automatically, so it could be an unnecessary slowdown. If in doubt it can't hurt to ping from MarsEdit, but if you look in your blog server settings you'll probably find an option to have it ping for you. That way it happens on your SERVER's time, not yours :)
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