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Customizing the editor?

edited July 2014 in MarsEdit
Is there a way to customize the editor (html/markdown) via a file in the MarsEdit package per-chance? I know you're using TinyMCE as the editor, but I'd give an arm and a leg to be able to tweak the margins of the editing space.


  • Hi there - unfortunately there isn't any obvious way to tweak the appearance. You could probably get away with trying to manually tweak some of the junk you find in the app package, but bear in mind that would ONLY apply to the TinyMCE-based RICH editor, which it doesn't sound like you're using if you are writing in HTML/Markdown. The best you can do for now in the HTML editor is to adjust the editing font, but unfortunately there is no way to adjust the margins now. I'll consider this as an enhancement for a future update.
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