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how do multiple bloggers work with the family license of Mars

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Hi, I'm a new users and am most of the way through the eval period using mars. My family and I have been blogging our family trip around australia for the last few months using blogger, and have found mars really useful to help writing the blog offline and upload when we get somewhere with 4G/3G coverage (which is sometimes few and far between in ourback Oz!). Anyway, the main feature we seem to be lacking is to be able to each blog under separate authors (to the same blog). We ere doing this previously directly on the blogger web console, by logging in and out of the different accounts when authoring. Just wondering if there is anyway to do this with Mars? And/or if the family license would allow us to do this?

At the moment I'm getting all the glory for the blog posts, whereas my wife is doing most of the authoring! ;-)



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    Hi Cam - first of all it sounds like a pretty great blogging experience. Hopefully MarsEdit can be of help to you and your family.

    Since it sounds like you'd be using the app on just a single computer, there wouldn't actually be any need to buy the family license. The family license is intended for situations where the app will be used on more than one computer by different family members.

    I do think MarsEdit could streamline your "logging in and out" situation a bit, by simply adding the blog separately to MarsEdit for each family member. When you add a blog in MarsEdit you can give each account a different title, so for example you could add it as "Cam's Account" and then use your login information to connect. MarsEdit will remember to always use your account when connecting to "that blog."

    The main problem you might run into is because each account will be a "separate blog" as far as MarsEdit is concerned, you'll have to click "Refresh" if you want to get an updated list of the posts that e.g. another family member has made to the blog. On the other hand if you are mainly just wanting a streamlined mechanism for writing and publishing under separate accounts, I think this would work. Each family member would just have to take care to only write under their own "blog" in MarsEdit.

    Another option you might want to consider if MarsEdit is not a perfect fit is an app called Fluid by Todd Ditchendorf:

    Fluid lets you create standalone "apps" for specific web sites, and it remembers all the details about the web site separately for each app. So for example each family member could have a specific blogging "app" on your Mac that connects to Blogger under their own account credentials. This would be the best solution if you prefer the web editing interface to MarsEdit, but still want something to streamline the process.

    Hope this helps, and thank you for considering MarsEdit.

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    Thanks Daniel - I'll checkout you suggestion and see how it goes. Cheers
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