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Byword not working as external editor?

edited September 2014 in MarsEdit
Hi all,

Just trying out MarsEdit, but I have a problem where Byword doesn't seem to 'hand back' the edited file back to MarsEdit, I've tried TextWrangler and that works fine, it seems like a Byword problem but there doesn't seem to be any settings within Byword to make any changes.

Here's a quick screencast showing the issue:

Any ideas anyone?



  • edited September 2014 Accepted Answer
    Hi Paul - unfortunately Byword has always been a bit iffy with MarsEdit as an external editor. I can't put my finger on why it works perfectly for some people but not for others. When I've looked into it in the past it seemed like something that had to be solved on the Byword side but I think they looked into it and didn't find anything obviously wrong. It might be a lost cause if it's not working for you. I wish I had better suggestions for a workaround.
  • Hi Daniel,

    Hey no problem, I've just been using Byword for a little while and was surprised to see I could use it as an external editor with MarsEdit, but it's not an issue, I just thought I was missing a setting somewhere.
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    Good to hear it's not a huge deal to you. Thanks for letting me know.
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