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Send to Weblog results in WordPress draft (?)

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
I'm probably missing something here, but I just tried publishing a post from MarsEdit 2.0 to a WordPress blog running 2.2.2 and instead of publishing the article as I expected, it saved it as a draft (that is, MarsEdit thought it was published, but WordPress had it in the drafts list).

I don't expect you to magically know what went wrong (since I'm running a bunch of plugins), but what should I look for that would have caused this? Or is this standard behavior? I'm not against it if it is standard (although it would be nice to be able to either publish it to the weblog or send it as a draft to the weblog); just wondering.


  • It's very strange that it would show up as a draft - in fact - what you've stumbled upon somehow is a behavior that many MarsEdit users would love to see :) But MarsEdit doesn't currently support sending as a draft to the server, so it definitely sounds likely that some plugin is causing the behavior.

    If you have the patience to try it, I would look into disabling plugins to narrow down which one might be causing the problem. I have found that sometimes presentation plugins mistakenly affect the posts that come in from the xmlrpc interface.

    Let us know if you learn anything! Or if there's any other suggestions I can provide...

  • I'll boot up my MAMP copy of the blog and see if I can't reproduce it locally. I'll let you know what I find out.
  • edited September 2007
    I think I've found the culprit. Unfortunately, MAMP wasn't working (running into some weird problems with plugins not allowing the pages to load), so I had to do it with my live blog, which means I wasn't able to test very thoroughly. However, the plugin causing MarsEdit to post to draft was UTW-RPC, which allows adding tags to posts via the keywords field. I'll report the bug to the developer.

    The weird thing is that with it on the entry was posted as a draft. I turned it off and the entry was posted as normal. Then I turned it back on and the entry was posted as a draft, but showed up in both the WordPress drafts and published lists. Very strange. Had to quit experimenting at that point, though, because I needed the blog to be live.
  • Very interesting. Thanks for updating the thread. I am curious to hear what the plugin developer's response is. Hopefully they can help you get everything up and running normally!

  • Official response was something along the lines of "there are upcoming changes in WordPress's XML-RPC, so we aren't fixing any bugs right now; sorry." :)

    I'm glad this isn't a show-stopper.
  • Heh - OK. :) Thanks for letting us know.
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