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Minor bug with media insert [2.0]

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
I'm stoked to see the new media management features in version 2 - fantastic! I'm digging the new UI as well - nice work...

I just uploaded an image and then inserted into a blank post. On my system at least, the inserted URL for the img href included an extra / before the file name (i.e. "" instead of "").

Easy to fix, and on many servers will work regardless, but not correct all the same...


  • Great! Glad you like the new stuff.

    I will try to reproduce this issue and - I agree - it should be fixed if it's putting that extra / in!

    Can you tell me which blog system you're using? It might play into it - because the URL actually comes back from the server!

    Another thing that comes to mind is, did you put something in the "in" text box next to the upload popup? It might play a role...

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