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Playying with FlexTime

edited August 2006 in FlexTime
Hi Daniel,

I was looking at FlexTime and had the following observations:

• I did not like having to click of a "Show Text" message in ordr to dismiss it. I instead ended up using the "at intervals:" field specifying it to do nothing at every 5 seconds (interval = Duration/5 sec). That dismisses the dialog but require that I perform unwelcomed calculations. Maybe this could be addressed by having a "dismiss after:" field accompanying the "Show Text" value.

• A "duplicate" menu item should be added even though you can "Option+Drag" them if the cue viewer.

• It would be nice if we could set start Date/Time for any given routine.

• By the same token, it would also be nice to have a "Routine manager" of sort where we could check/uncheck routines that needs to be running.

I realize that this might not be what you wanted to do at the beginning and I apologize if these requests "brush you" the wrong way, but I believe you might be onto something here and adding somekind of "cron" capability would greatly broaden your target audience.

Keep up the good work!



  • Hi Michel - thanks a lot for stopping in and leaving this feedback. I agree completely with all of your points. I will add them to the list! I think some kind of "macro-routine" manager is definitely a good idea.

    In particular the "show text" messages are stuck now trying to guess what the user might want, and you're right that it needs some additional UI to let the user have complete control over the behavior. You'll find if you look into the FlexTime scripting dictionary that the "display message" command gives you a great deal more control over how these messages shown. So one workaround would be to use a scripted cue to show the message:

    tell application "FlexTime"
    display message "Quick, get back to work!" dismissing after delay 1.0

    This would have the effect of presenting a text message that dismisses itself after 1 second.

    Hope this helps in the interim until a better solution is available!

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