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Req: Confirm when creating new category

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
I now have a category named "New Category" that I don't seem to be able to get rid of, and other one called "New CategoryGeek" because the default text didn't disappear when I clicked in the field like I assumed it would. Ahem and oops, but could I pretty please have a confirm on creating new categories? And how do i make them go away?




  • Maybe this is isn't obvious enough, but if you just uncheck a newly added category, it should disappear from your list.

    Check your drafts folder to make sure you don't have any draft posts lingering with the unwanted category set on them.

    MarsEdit is actually pretty smart about new categories. It keeps them around "locally" until you send at least one post to the server. That's when it asks the server to create the new category, just in time to take the new post.

    Hope this helps,
  • Hrm. I didn't have any posts using the category, or drafts. Perhaps it was set on one of the failed posts somehow though, because it was in the Wordpress database. Have removed it there. I will count this up to "It's plenty obvious, Ricky is occasionally a nitwit". ... at least I hope it's only occasional!

    Still loving 2.0, by the way. You rock my world in the rockingest rockingest way! Fan club here :)

  • Yeah unfortunately once it gets into the WordPress database there's no way to remove it through MarsEdit. They finally gave us the ability to "add" categories, but not to remove them!

    Glad you're liking 2.0 :) It's great to hear.
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