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Upgrade from 1.2 to 2.0 broke Wordpress Settings

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
I haven't been able to use MarsEdit to post or download old posts successfully since upgrading this morning. My settings look like:

Name: Wordpress Weblog
Home URL:
Software: Wordpress
Blog ID: 1
Number of posts to download: 10

I get the following error when posting:

Can’t do post for Wordpress Weblog because the server reported an error. The server returned an unexpected response code: 404.

I haven't changed anything and it has been working for over 2 years prior. I'm using Wordpress 2.0.5.


  • Hi Edward - I think it might be a coincidence that it stopped working when you upgraded to MarsEdit 2.0. For instance, if I try to add your weblog to MarsEdit 1.2 I get the same 404 error.

    A little poking around leads me to believe there is a slight error in your site's "auto-detection" information (RSD). It gives you the xmlrpc.php url above, but I think what it actually wants is:

    Try replacing the RPC URL with that and then refresh the blog. Let us know how it goes!

  • Thanks didn't try that variation, it now works fine.
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