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How can I put a line break in title

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
Really a newbie question, I know...



  • Hmm - not such a newbie question, actually. I've never heard this question before :)

    I tried a couple ideas and wasn't able to achieve this with my WordPress blog. I suspect if this is possible, it's very specific to the blog. I would try something like:

    This is
    my title

    Maybe somebody else will have an idea!
  • Unluckily Blogger treat your example literally: I obtain a sigle line with
    in the middle of the title...

  • Update. I suspect this is little bug of MarsEdit.

    I'v tried with a test blog on Putting a
    in title is accepted and posted, but when I reopen or refresh posts in MarsEdit the title is parsed wrong. The
    is stripped away




    and republished wrong.

    If I try to put a text markup in title, using the pop up menu, I end up with markup in main editing windows and not in title field. (I don't know if the two problems are related.)

    Any suggestion?

  • In general the text markup items expect to only be applied to the main content, I think precisely because it's uncommon (unheard of?) for markup like this to be allowed in titles.

    As for the "stripping" you observed, this seems to be happening on Google's side. Take a look at the "Network Log" after you refresh your weblog, with the
    in the title on the server. You'll find content something like this:

    <title type='text'>Test  Newline</title>

    It seems likely to me that Google didn't really anticipate or plan to allow this kind of markup in the titles, but you're just getting "lucky" :)
  • By the way I'm going to raise this question on the Blogger developer email list to see if they consider the "stripping" to be a bug.

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