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How do you use FlexTime?

edited August 2006 in FlexTime
I don't mean "how do I work this?", which is quite clear. I mean, what kinds of routines do people really use this software for?

The first thing I'm trying this for is timing myself doing drumming exercises, where I exercise each hand for X minutes with X seconds rest in between. I have to admit that I'm not sure what I would use this for, because the intervals are not very long, and I have to use a metronome in addition to this anyway.

It's so clean and nice that I'd like to find more to do with it, but I need more ideas than the example routines folder.


  • I'm also looking forward to seeing how people are using it. Hopefully as I get feedback people can also send me candidates for better "examples" in future releases. I know at least one user has reported using it to time an intricate bread-baking routine. I'm constantly amazed at what people are coming up with.
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