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Preview formatting wildly different from posted formatting

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
I wrote an email (not in the forum) earlier asking for the ability to send a MarsEdit-generated post to my WordPress blog as a draft. The reason is simple: when I write the post in MarsEdit and preview it, it looks one way...when I send it to my WP 2.2.2 blog, it looks different. I'm not ready for it to be made public until it looks the way I want it to look. Now I have to post the entry live, then jump on the server and reset it to draft until I clean up the way it looks. Not a great workflow.

So my question: is there any documentation on how you take a WP theme and use info in there to tweak the template of the ME 2 preview window? Maybe that would get the 2 in better visual sync.

Thanks for a nice job on ME2.

-- Wally


  • Hello again Wally! I keep meaning to:

    1. Write a blog tutorial about how to make a picture-perfect preview with MarsEdit.

    2. Improve the preview support in MarsEdit so it's even easier to do it.

    But the gist of it is this... go to the "full page" view of one of your posts, like:

    Now take the source for that entire page, and copy/paste it into the custom template in MarsEdit.

    Now you'll have to fix some links probably, to turn CSS links for instance into full URLs to your site. Actually, yours looks pretty good already (I just pasted it).

    So now ... you just whittle away. Select all the "post content" in the template and delete it. Replace it with the #body# tag. In your case, this starts with A year or so ...

    Get the gist? It's kind of tedious, but in a few minutes, look what I've got in MarsEdit:

    Hope this helps. Also make sure the font settings in Preferences -> Preview match the browser you generally use to examine your posts. That will make it exactly match.
  • How did you get the Filed Under links in the post please?

  • Creative-i: That was actually just hardcoded in the example I pasted, but there is another template placeholder #category# that will be translated to a comma-separated list of the categories.

    You can explore all the various placeholders by looking at the "Insert Placeholder" popup menu in the template editor.
  • edited September 2007
    Thanks Daniel. You can forget my asking for a Draft-post function. This works few remaining issues are most likely functions of the WordPress theme I'm using (since now the ME preview pane & the view via a browser on the web show the same thing).

    -- wally

    I've blogged the info you gave me since I'm sure many people who evaluate ME2 won't necessarily stop by the forum.
  • Wally - glad to hear it's working so well for you. The drafts feature is still on the table for other reasons (sharing between computers, etc), but I'm really glad to hear this is working. Hope it will improve your workflow!

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