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FlexTime 1.0 and Default Folder X 3.0.1

edited August 2006 in FlexTime
I just noticed that FlexTime and Default Folder X (version 3.0.1, the latest for PPC based macs) might have an incompatibility. When I double-click on a routine file and FlexTime is not yet running, it opens as it should. However, if FlexTime is already running, it just does nothing. I explicitely disable FlexTime in the preferences for Default Folder, then the erratic behaviour disappears. Anybody else had this problem?

(Other than that, looks like a nice application.)


  • Hi Michael - thanks for checking out FlexTime, and for stopping by.

    Lucky for me, I think the bug you're observing is the same as one that I just fixed today! Can you please try out the 1.0.1 version of FlexTime and let me know if it addresses the problem?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Thanks for the quick answer. 1.0.1 indeed fixes the problem.
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