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Macro keyboard shortcuts without command key?

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
I was just fooling around with keyboard shortcuts and tried assigning option-P as a shortcut for inserting paragraph tags. The shortcut is assigned successfully (it shows up in the window and pop-up menu item fine), but then pressing option-P in the editor doesn't trigger the macro, it just prints the pi character like option-P normally does. After trying several variations, it appears that the macro will only trigger if the command key is included as part of the shortcut.

So, it would seem that the proper behavior should either be a) for the macro shortcut to work with whatever key combo you typed in, or b) if the command key is required to be there, then the user shouldn't be able to enter a shortcut that doesn't have the command key as part of it (or maybe the command key should be added automatically).

Do other people get this same behavior, or am I special? :)


  • Heh - it looks like my shortcut editor is being overly permissive with the shortcuts it allows.

    I'm guessing that the shortcut doesn't work because the text editor "takes it" before the menu gets a chance to try. I dunno though, I'll have to investigate this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Yeah, all that text input performKeyEquivalent: stuff is a mess, I never could figure it out completely. Abandon all hope ye who Enter!
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