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edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
When I set Preview Text Filter to Smartypants, shouldn't it also include/utilize Markdown? That was my understanding from reading up on Smartypants, but perhaps I was mistaken.


  • Hmm - I'm not really sure. I have a vague memory that maybe the other way is true - that is, if you use Markdown it also does Smarty Pants. To be honest I'm not SUPER familiar with the intricacies of those scripts. I just include them because they're cool and popular.

    Try using Markdown and see if it does both for you?
  • See here: Perhaps this only applies to MovableType though?
  • Yeah - that's a special feature of Movable Type. I suppose I'll take that as a request for "Add a built-in filter for Smarty Pants + Movable Type" ... sound good?

    I bet somebody out there has already merged the two - if you're out there, chime in!
  • I ran a sample text through Markdown and Smartypants. Neither was aware of the other. But I was able to pipe output like this:

    perl sample.text |

    That worked pretty well. Seems if you select smartypants, it should pipe it through Markdown first just to check. If it's not Markdown formatted, then no harm no foul. Either that or provide a Markdown with Smartypants option for filtering.
  • Seems safest to provide an explicit option. If it's just as simple as piping it through one first and then the other, then I might be able to put something together for the next update.
  • Simple piping worked for me, but you might check with Gruber to see if there is any potential for tearing a hole in the universe or something.
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