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Feature request: creating and opening of application folder

edited September 2007 in FastScripts
Current status: The list of application specific scripts starts with a header naming the current application.

I think there should be a button/icon to the right of that header, which will open the folder of scrips for this particular application, and if there is no such folder for the current app, a folder should be created with the name of the current app.

This way it becomes very easy to add things for a new app.



  • Hmm - if there are already items in there consider using the shift key to select one of the items there. That will show it in the Finder.

    If there are no items yet then the section won't show up anyway, and I'm not sure I would want to clutter up the menu with the option to create the menu there. To create a new folder for an application with no application specific scripts, see the FastScripts -> Create [Whatever] Scripts Folder item.
  • hebheb
    edited September 2007
    Okay, obviously, I have been blind!
    I revert, and realize that the feature already is there!

    (Perhaps you could remove this whole thread from the forum? It might just confuse people.)
  • I think it will serve as a useful reference for other people who haven't discovered the feature.

    Unless you really want me to delete, I'll leave it be.
  • Even after reading it, I'm in the dark about the feature.
  • NovaScotian: If you are running an application that doesn't have an application-specific scripts folder, let's say iTunes, you can choose:

    [FS Icon] -> FastScripts -> Create iTunes Scripts Folder

    It will open a folder in the Finder. Any scripts you put in that folder are only visible in the scripts menu and active for keyboard shortcuts when iTunes is active.
  • Sheesh. I jumped the gun. Before I bought FS, I had already organized my scripts (about 1500 complete scripts and a lot of "fragments") in folders, and unfortunately, lumped all of the application-specific scripts except the Finder and Journler in folders within a folder called "Applications". Not worth going back to bless them all by recreating them now, I guess.

    Thanks for the explanation, though,

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