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Problem getting categories to sync with WordPress 2.2.3

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
I've got this weird problem where if I specify a new category in MarsEdit, then WP creates it, but if I already have a category created in WP, a) MarsEdit doesn't see it, and if I add it in MarsEdit, b) it doesn't end up applied to the post in WP.

Not sure the above is clear, but has anyone else run into this problem and have a workaround?



  • Hi David - the trick is to Refresh the weblog in MarsEdit if you ever do anything outside of MarsEdit.

    So after adding a new category in the WP admin panel, be sure to "Refresh" in MarsEdit and it will show the new category.

    The problem with just "adding" it again from MarsEdit is WordPress will actually allow you to add two categories of the same name. Things get confusing then.
  • Ooh, cool. Works great! Thanks.
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